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Auto Dealer Inventory  is a new kind of car shopping website, one that makes the car buying experience easy!

Dozens of Makes
Dozens of Makes

We give you the ability to select from dozens of different makes. From Acura to Volkswagen, BMW to Toyota, Honda to Ferrari; regardless of the brand, we give you the chance to search for the vehicle that you have been dreaming of.

Choose Your Model
Choose Your Model

Choose lots of models from dozens of makes, whatever you fancy you can find it. Sporty, rugged, luxurious we offer shoppers the best way to find the model they desire as efficiently as possible.

Certified Pre-Owned
certified pre-owned cars

It’s not only new cars that you can search for in on our website, but we also provide shoppers with vast selections of certified pre-owned automobiles as well.

Used Cars
certified pre-owned cars

We offer a large selection of used cars from hundreds of dealerships. It is not just new and certified pre-owned automobiles, but used cars as well so you can find any vehicle you’re looking for.

We Make Car Shopping Easy

Auto Dealer Inventory offers shoppers the most comfortable car shopping experience on the Internet. We allow you to search through the inventories of hundreds of dealerships across the nation so you can find the car you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home.

Hassle Free Shopping

Shop for cars from the comfort of your home

No Forms

No forms to fill out like other directory sites

Connect Directly

Connect directly with the dealership

Best Car Makes

We offer you the chance to shop for and select from the latest cars, the most popular vehicles, and even certified pre-owned and used vehicles. All hassle-free with no forms to fill out or sensitive information to exchange, just a direct connection to the inventory of hundreds of registered dealerships.

We Connect You Directly to the Dealership

Auto Dealer Inventory connects you with the inventories of hundreds of registered dealerships. That means you can find the car you’re looking for without having to fill out forms or put down sensitive information. You are directly connected to the dealer so you can see what you’re looking for without stress or hassle.

We Offer An Amazing Resource to Dealerships

Most car dealerships that have their inventories listed on classified sites are working with third-party providers who are a middle-man between you and the customer. Our website allows you to connect directly with the consumer so you can deal with engaged shoppers and increase your first-generation leads.

Rewarding Dealers

This website rewards dealers with the ability to directly connect with the consumer and allow their inventories to be viewed by shoppers without a middle-man. That means your inventory and your dealership are center stage and you do not need to deal with the pitfalls found on most third-party classified sites.

Providing A Service to Both Dealer and Buyer

This strategy that Auto Dealer Inventory employs is beneficial to buyers and dealers. Again, for dealers it allows them to deal directly with consumers without a middle-man. It gives the customer the ability to shop for cars and look through the inventories of several dealerships without having to worry about filling out forms or dealing with the headaches common on most classified sites.

Choose From Dozens of Car Makes and Models

We give buyers the option to shop for dozens of makes and models of all kinds of vehicles. Sedans, SUVs, trucks, luxury cars, and more; whatever you fancy you can find it on our website.

Find Certified Pre-Owned and Used Vehicles

It is not just new automobiles that are available to shop for, dealerships with high volumes and varieties of certified pre-owned and used vehicles are here too. Whether you want to find new cars or certified pre-owned or used cars, you can find lots of options via the inventory directories on our website.

The Ultimate Resource for Car Shopping

Local Cars in The Palm of Your Hand

This website provides buyers and dealers with the Internet’s best resource for car shopping. It cuts out the middle-man, allows shoppers to look through the inventories of hundreds of dealerships and gives dealerships and customers the chance to connect directly to each other.

With no forms, we made the car buying process more user friendly and time saving!

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